Air Race

Air Race is a game, which will give you the opportunity, to check your skills as a pilot and to go into competition with other pilots in the world, if the option 'network-game' will be available.

The main planned features are:

  1. free configurable course with the 'Scenery Design' editor,
  2. using different gates, which are modelled with AC3D (,
  3. training with flying against the best recorded flight of yourself,
  4. flying together or against other pilots in the world using the Internet as network,
  5. configuration of Air Race planes with 'Aircraft Design' editor in the limit of defined parameters ( e.g. max. power/weight, gear retractable yes/no, max./min. load factor, max. fuel capacity, etc.).The Formel 1 race car rules can give ideas.

The points 1. and 3. are realised.


Air Race can be used setting in the 'FDS-Preprocessor' main window in 'Pre Flight' the parameters in the menu 'Race Parameters'.

After you have flown firstly the course with the Player Name xxxx in the directory AirRace a file 'PlayerName_SceneryName_AircraftName.dat' will be saved. If you starts again with the same Player, Scenery and Aircraft you will see the same aircraft flying the before recorded flight path. If your race time is lower as the best time the file with the new better flight path will now be saved.

You have also the possibility to change the parameters for 'Air Race' in the menue 'Race' sub-menue 'Parameters' of the 'FDS-Simulator' main window.

In order to change the player name press the button 'Player'. This opens the following window,in which you can select a player from a list of 8 and where you also can give a player a new name.

Much fun with Air Race.

The points 4. to 5. will be realised as soon as possible.