Aircraft Design

Physical Parameters

If you click on "Edit" in the main window of FDS, you click on "Aircraft" and the following window opens:

The list shows you the existing aircraft’s for FDS. With a double mouse click you select an aircraft and with one mouse click on "Open" a window opens, which gives you the opportunity to edit in 12 groups the parameters, which are defining the aircraft characteristics.

After editing any group and any parameter you can "Save" this changed configuration of the aircraft or you can create with "Save As .." a new aircraft.

group "Aileron"


Explanation (if necessary)

Half Wing Area with Aileron(m**2)


Profile Zero-Drag-Coefficient

Drag coefficient at Lift = 0

Ratio Aileron_Depth to Wing_Depth


Flap Angle Maximum (grad)


Extension Ratio(-)

Aileron width to depth

group "Elevator"

(all groups description will follow )

Model Geometry

The aircraft models are prescribed with two parts

and are stored in the directory

..\Aircraft\Geometry\"Aircraft Name"\

The file format is *.ac, which represents models, which are created with AC3D modeller from Andy Colebourne.

The axis’s have the orientation with

X = positiv in direction of left wing

Y = positiv in direction up

Z = positiv in direction front

The coordinate origin is marked with the red cross and is placed on the z-axis with one quarter wing depth from the wing nose, on the y-axis at the bottom of the fuselage and on the x-axis at zero.

The textures have the format *.rgb and are also stored in the directory

..\Aircraft\Geometry\"Aircraft Name"\