I was born in 1941 in Germany.

I have studied aeronautics at the RWTH-Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen and closed my studies with the Dr.Ing. degree in 1974. I continued with research work at RWTH in the field of ground effect aircraft till autumn 1977.

Since 1977 I am working in the 'Research and Technology' department of DaimlerChrysler in Stuttgart. The first working area was connected to the development of the centrifugal compressor for a gas-turbine, which should be used as power drive in passenger cars.

Since 1984 I am engaged in the field of car aerodynamics with looking for software, which is able to simulate the flow field about cars and to use these information's for improvement of the body characteristics like drag and lift.

I am living with my family in the small valley 'Remstal' in the east of Stuttgart.

I am enthusiast for aircraft's since my age of thirteen and have had a pilot license for gliders in my student time. With the rise of personal computers I started to fly with the flight simulation programs on my PC. In the most cases it gave me the impression, that the flight dynamic of the aircraft's was less simulated by solving the equation of motion of a rigid body as a result of the aerodynamic forces than by controlling the motion with rough data from tables. These experiences were the intention for me, to start the development of FDS, the flight dynamic simulator for PC, with the following main features:

The result of my development efforts is now in a state to give it to the public.

Try it and give me back your impression.

I wish you much fun.

Michael Wessels


e-mail adress :

P.S. As you see, I am from Germany and therefore my english text is not perfect. Don't hesitate to send me corrected lines by e-mail. Thank you for your help.