Download FDS


Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP evaluation version

The evaluation version of FDS is fully functional apart from the simulation duration, which is limited to 5 minutes.

FDS is splitted in two parts 'FDS-Simulator' and 'FDS-Preprocessor'. In any case you have to download 'FDS-Simulator'. You only need to download additionally 'FDS-Preprocessor', if you want to change aircraft parameters or scenery components.

Firstly go to the FDS1.2-Simulator DOWNLOAD page
and get the size 7.6 MB) file.

Simply double click the file icon, which unzips the file with WinZip or similar program. You can save the files in a temporal directory and start Setup, which will install FDS1.2-Simulator on your computer. You can also start Setup directly in , for example, the WinZip-Window.

Double click the icon FDS1.2-Simulator on your desktop and run the simulator.

You have to do the same procedure with the FDS1.2-Preprocessor DOWNLOAD page
and get the size 3.2 MB) file.

For 10 dollars

Registered users will get by e-mail the file 'license.dat', which have to be put by the user in
the sub-directory 'Basis_Dat' of his FDS main-directory. Now FDS has unlimited run time.