Fly a Glider


In FDS you can also select as an aircraft a glider(e.g. Twin Astir). The glider is started with the winch.

You have to do the folowing procedure:
- Start the winch engine with the key strokes 'e plus F1 plus i'
- Open the break with the keystroke 'b'
- Increase the engine power with the control stick for thrust

The glider will now accelerate and you have to control the climb angle by the elevator. The glider clutch will open automatically, if the angle between winch cable and ground reaches the stored angle(e.g. 70 degrees) or you can open the clutch earlier by pressing the button 1 of the control stick.

If you have slected as an aircraft a glider, clouds will be added to the scenery. The clouds are distributed randomly and connected to the cloud is a thermic tube. The strength of the termic differs between the clouds also randomly. The center of the tube is marked in the scenery with red or blue points. Red points indicate a stronger thermic than the blue points. In the sub-menue 'Weather' of the menue 'Pre Flight' you can choose between low, medium and high thermic intensity.


Low means : Thermic tube radius varies between 250 and 450 meters and has low vertical speed.
Medium means : Thermic tube radius varies between 200 and 400 meters and has medium vertical speed.
High means : Thermic tube radius varies between 150 and 350 meters and has high vertical speed.