May 2003 Release FDS1.2

- A winch start for gliders was implemented as well as weather conditions with randomized clouds and thermic.

- A menue border was implemented in the main window of FDS. In the menue border you will find the button 'Race' for changing the Race parameters and and the button 'Pre Flight' with the submenue-buttons 'Scenery','Aircraft', Aircraft-Position', 'Observer-Position','Weather','Shadow Aircraft/Building' and 'Glider Winch'. Now you need the FDS-Preprocessor only for editing of an aircraft or a scenery configuration.

- FDS is splitted in two parts.

Part1: FDS-Preprocessor
Part2: FDS-Simulator

and can be downloaded separately.

- The FDS-Simulator trial version can be used for 5 minutes with all features.

- A file 'license.dat' with the license-key will send by e-mail from the author to the registered user and after implementation of this file in the FDS-directory 'Basis_dat' on the user side the FDS-Simulator can be used unlimited.

January 2002 Release FDS1.1

- As an interface to the sound hardware the API OpenAL for 3D-sound is implemented. This means for example, that you get 3D-sound by the definition of the position of the sound source and the listener.

- FDS is running on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 systems.

- The aircraft models show moving parts like rotating propeller,moving of retractable landing gear,flaps, elevator,aileron, rudder and spoiler.

- In the AirRace mode the flight path of your race plane is recorded and saved on disk in the directory AirRace with the file name 'player_scenery_aircraft'. In the next race an additionally race plane is shown moving with the recorded flight path.Your flight path will only be saved again, if your race time is smaller than the before recorded and saved flight path.

- Two new aircrafts:

Sonerai I, a mid-wing sport plane, racer, designed to meet all Professional Race Pilots Association (PRPA) and Formula Vee Racing requirements for 1600cc Volkswagen powered aircraft.

HB207AlfaTwin, the HB207Alfa with two engines.

June 2001 Release FDS1.0

- Initial Release